Let the Journey Begin

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why I'm Fat

I really have no clue. I remember asking my my mom what age I was when I started to get fat. I guess it started when I was around 4. So I have been fat practically my entire life. I am not sure what the cause is. Both of my parents are overweight so maybe it is genetics. I was not abused or anything like that, I actually had a really good childhood. It always frustrated me because I could never think of a reason for me being overweight. Dr Phil says there has to be a reason. Why can't I come up with one?

My lowest adult weight is 185 which is still considered obese because I am a shorty at 5'1". I was about 19 when I was at this weight so I was kind of an adult. Since then I have yo-yoed. When I met my husband in 2005 I was 225 and I had just successfully lost 25 pounds. I continued to lose and I got down to 200. No matter what I did (or so it seemed) I could not get under 200. Over the years it has crept up on me and now I have gained all of the weight I lost plus an extra 10 pounds. 260 is a lot of weight on a 5'2" frame. Every time I get up from sitting my feet and ankles ache. I feel like an old lady.

Well, more to come shortly!

Chronic Quitter

It seems that everything I start, I never finish. It could be high expectations, a fear of failure, or just plain laziness. Maybe it is all three.

One thing that I hope to continue with is my journey with the Lap Band. My journey started in January when I visited my doctor to get a referral for the surgery. I have Tricare and I live overseas in Germany. Tricare doesn't require a bunch of hoops to jump through in order to get approval. All I had to do was visit my doc, get a nutrition eval, and get a psych eval. I completed all of this earlier this year but I was just now able to get the paper submitted for the referral. Why you ask...second thoughts, laziness, fear. All of the above.

Man this has turned in to a depressing post! How about something to liven things up. My name is Jennifer and I am a stay at home mom to my amazing son Hayden who is going to be turning 1 July 16th. I am also a wife to my awesome husband Matt who is a member of the US Air Force. We will be married for 2 years on July 5th. I am turning 29 on July 24th. July is a busy month at my house! To be continued...