Let the Journey Begin

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bodybugg, where have you been all my life!

Seriously, this thing is so simple yet so awesome. Everyone that is trying to lose weight should invest in a bodybugg. I was lucky enough to get one used from a local lady not quite a week ago and I have already lost 2 lbs. I say it is so simple because it is just simple math. Calories in vs. calories out. I am aiming for 3 lbs lost a week so I make sure to get my burn of 2800 calories a day and take in 1300 calories.

I am now down 25 lbs which means I have 100lbs to go to my first goal. It sounds like a lot but I am trying not to get overwhelmed. I am doing baby steps. My next baby step is to be down to 225 by the end of the month. I think that is doable.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Man, I should really start posting more often!

Things have been going good with my fill. I could probably use another one but I am not sweating it. I am still losing and that's all that matters. I eat about 1500 calories a day and exercise between 30 and 60 minutes. I have been getting pretty hungry after dinner; usually around 11pm. I guess I should just go to bed a little earlier.

My son woke me up at 3am and my tummy was growling! Speaking of my son; he is 14 months old and still wakes up several times at night. Sigh. I have been putting him in bed with me because I am tired and I want to go back to sleep. The only problem with this is that I get woken up 2 hours later with toddler feet kicking me in the face, little hands pulling my hair, and poking me in the eye. Or, I wake up to him squealing with laughter because he pulled his socks off and it is 3am which means PLAY TIME! Oh how I long for a solid 8 hours.

Why, oh why did I buy skinny cow ice cream sandwiches and Edy's popsicles? And why did I eat 3 of said ice cream sandwiches in one day? What is funny is that the next day I managed to drop 2 lbs. Funny how that works.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fill me up!

Friday finally came and I had my fill under x-ray. It was quite a weird experience. He filled my band all of the way at first and man was that uncomfortable. He then removed some of the fill and all was good. I have 4cc in my band and I am feeling pretty good. I can still eat normally, just a little bit slower and I make sure to chew really good of course. I don't think I would want to me much tighter. I would not want it to take me forever to eat a meal or be so restricted that I can't eat certain foods. My next appointment is in 2 months.

What is really great is that since Friday I have lost 2.5 lbs. I have started walking in the mornings with my son in the stroller and my dog on a leash. We have been walking 5000 steps. I also had my husband bring my elliptical down from the 3rd floor so I can use it more easily. Seeing the scale drop this weekend has given me so much motivation!

FYI...you know you weigh yourself too much when your 14 month old scoots himself over to the scale and puts his feet on it. He is a riot!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Friday, where are you!

I need a fill so bad! Bandster hell truly is hell. I am eating way too much with no problems at all. Yesterday I ate a large sandwich for lunch and today I had lasagna! I have also been eating ice cream frequently. This definately needs to stop. It is a big weakness of mine so I am going to have to cut it out completely. I know a fill will not help in this department so I am going to have to rely on true will power. I know I can do it because I have completely cut out soda which was a 3-4 can a day habit right up until surgery.

My fill is this Friday and I cannot wait! It will be a fluro fill so I think I will get some pretty good restriction right away. Something I so desperately need.

I also need to start kicking in the exercise. I have bought some Sketcher Shape-ups to wear everyday on walks and I have the 30 day shred DVD. I need to do both everyday but I may do a walk everyday and switch up the 30 day shred with my elliptical.

Today we went to a town about an hour away called Heidelberg. It is a big college town with a ton of shopping. It has the longest pedestrian shopping area in Europe. We walked for 4 hours shopping around. I cannot wait to go back and shop for clothes after I loose about 75 more lbs. I think I am going to save up $2,000 to have a big shopping spree when I meet my goal. Maybe I will have my shopping spree in Paris! It is only 4 hours away. I love living in Germany!

Friday, August 27, 2010


My husband called me wolverine last night. I showed him my incisions on my abdomen and they are healing quite nicely if I do say so myself. I am feeling damn good. I can sleep on my stomach, carry my son around everywhere, and clean house. Well, I can clean house, but I don't wanna.

Yesterday I took my son downtown to the Walk Platz (outdoor shopping). We met a friend, walked around for a bit, and did some shopping. It felt good to get out except the humidity was 900% and I was sweating Like a freakin pig. It doesn't help that the stores don't have air conditioning so it is actually cooler outside. I wore a maxi dress (big mistake, think thighs rubbing together enough to make fire) that my mom sent me from the states and I thought I was looking pretty good. I would have taken a picture but my husband was still at work and I tore that dress off as soon as I got home.

So I made the executive decision to go from full liquids to mushies at 2 weeks. My doctor wanted me on a full liquid diet for 4 weeks. Well, I have since progressed to solid food. Actually, I never really did "mushies". What I do is liquids until 5pm (protein shake, soup, and yogurt) and then I eat dinner. This is really working out for me. I am eating roughly 1200 calories a day and I am staying full. I have not had any problems, infact, I think it jump started my weightloss.

I tried to take my son and dog for a walk today but as soon as we made it down the street it started to sprinkle. I turned around to go home and as soon as we made it into the house it stopped! The weather here is so unpredictable. I will try again tomorrow.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My body is confused...

Or my scale lied to me last week.

Last Monday I logged a 3 lb weight loss. I was so flabergasted that I didn't even think that that was crazy and I should probably check again to make sure it was accurate. I promptly updated my ticker and told my husband because I was so excited. Well, the next day I was back up those 3 lbs plus another .5 lb. I was like WTF! Over the last week I have slowely lost 2 of those lbs and I hope to be down to 247 by tomorrow. I do weigh myself everyday but I am going to make Monday my official weigh in day.

My doctor is crazy if he thinks I am going to continue on this liquid diet until September 10th. I have made the executive decision to progress to mushies on Thursday which will be 2 weeks since surgery. As crazy as it sounds, I do not want to lose more than 9 lbs between my surgery date and my next appointment on September 10th. My reason you ask? My doctor will not give me a fill if I have lost too much weight. I have a feeling that if I do not get a fill I will be at a standstill until my next appointment in October.

Speaking of fills, my doctor does fluro fills with a barium swallow and he gets you to restriction at your first fill. He says he likes to only do one fill and that some of his patients never need one. I don't think I will be one of those people. At the moment I can chug water and soup.

I have a sneaking suspision that my dad is interested in the Lap-Band. He emailed me the other day asking how things were going and he wanted to know how I was eating. I would love for my dad to check into it. He is my height at 5'2" (my dad is a shorty) and he has sleep apnea but refuses to get checked for it.

I get my staples out tomorrow! I am excited because they itch so bad!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One Week Post-op

I am feeling pretty good today. I still get some pain where my port is if I move around too much. I go on Monday to get my staples removed, that should be fun. Yeah right!

I am starting to feeling the effects of the band. I was eating some sherbert tonight and I had to stop suddenly because I was getting a weird sensation in my tummy. I still felt hungry but I felt like I couldn't take another bite. Then I started to get pain across my back. I guess this is what stuffed feels like? All of these new sensations in my tummy are so foreign. My stomach growls so loud now. I am sure everyone around would know I was hungry if I was out in public!

The scale still reads the same. I have been having a hard time getting enough water in because of having to wait to drink after I eat.

I have my first meal out tomorrow and I am nervous! I am going out to lunch with a friend that does not know about my band. Thank goodness the restaurant we are going to has soup!

Monday, August 16, 2010


I am sorry I am just now getting to my post-op post but I have been in quite a bit of pain since surgery. I was not prescribed any pain killers so I have just been winging it since I was discharged. I am starting to feel good today except for this nagging pain where my port is. Luckily I am feeling better because tomorrow my husband goes back to work and I am on my own!

So, I was admitted on Wednesday morning where they took some blood, and went ahead and put in a catheter (is that what it is called?) in my hand. I had an interview with one of the doctors and then with one of the anestesioligists. I then had to have an Endoscopy. I guess this is why I had to stay overnight because they knocked me out for this procedure. Boy, did they knock me out! When I woke up I didn't know what floor I was on in the hospital or my room! I had to ask my roommate where I was!

The next morning was my surgery. I think my doctor had like 5 surgeries that day so he is very busy! Luckily I was the first one in at 8:45 and I was back in my room by 11. My roommate had gastric bypass and she had to stay in the ICU overnight. I guess that is protocal. She also did not get discharged until 5 days later! I was discharged Saturday morning, not a moment too soon! I was so ready to come home.

I have been eatting pureed soup, protein shakes, yogurt, and orange sherbert. My body must have needed that sherbert last night because this morning I had dropped another 2.5 lbs! I am now down 13 pounds since the start of my pre-op diet. I am trying to get atleast 1000 calories a day so my body doesn't think it is starving.

My next appointment is in 1 month but I will probably not be getting a fill. My doctor does fills differently here. I will explain that in more detail in a future post.

Monday, August 9, 2010

2 More Days!

I can't beleive I only have 2 more days until I am admitted into the hospital! I don't think it has quite sunk in yet because I have so much to do and I have not even thought about trying to get it done.

I am not doing the best that I can do on my pre-op diet. I have not been drinking enough water so I have only lost 7 lbs. I guess that is pretty good for a weeks work though :) I don't think I would have lost 7 lbs in one week with regular dieting. I hope I can make it to 10 lbs lost by my surgery.

My son has been SUPER cranky this morning. I am about to pull my hair out! He is napping now so hopefully he will sleep for a while and wake up a ray of sunshine. I am not holding my breath though. We are meeting a friend at the zoo this afternoon. I just met her in January but she has turned into a really great friend. I am not telling her about the band though, and she likes to go out to lunch a lot so I am going to have to get really creative next week when I am on liquids. My surgery is Thursday and we usually go to a playgroup on Thursday and then have lunch after. I already have my excuse for not going to the playgroup all lined up, hehe.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New purchases!

I am a shopaholic and my husband is a tight ass. Somehow we make it work. Lol! I really fear how our bank account will take me being thin. I have managed to buy a lot of clothes while I have been fat. I can only imagine how much I will lust after when I am thin. Everything will fit! And don't even get me started on shoes! I have a wide foot so a lot of shoes that are TO DIE FOR are too narrow for my foot. I am thinking my treat for when I get to goal will have to be a pair Christian Louboutin shoes. I wonder how my hubby will take the news?

I did make some purchases today but they are band related. I bought 2 Blender Bottles and some Click Protein Drink in Mocha flavor. Thanks for the recommendation Kelly! I am also in the market for a good blender and an immersion blender. I figure I can get them used. Military folks are always selling used German appliances.

I can't believe I will be having surgery in 1 week! Time has really flown by. It is so weird how the German medical system is so different from the US. My hospital stay is supposed to be 4-5 days (this includes 1 day for pre-op testing). Most people in the states don't even stay for 24 hours! I already asked if I could leave the day after surgery and they said it was up to me. I don't know about you, but I would much rather be in my comfortable bed at home than be in a hospital bed.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The pre-op diet is getting a little easier for me...well, until today. I went to the BX on base to get a few things and there is a food court with the typical mall food, aka junk. I was not even tempted at first, I even fed my son at one of the tables and then went on about my business. After I was done shoping around I had to walk through the food court to get to the parking lot and thats where it started. The smell of fried fish from Captain D's hit my nose and I was on my to the line to order. I got my food and I sat down to eat and you know what, it wasn't very good. I only ate half of it and threw the rest away.

I am now drinking a yummy protein shake (insert sarcasm here). Actually, it isn't half bad. I mix it with organic soy milk so it isn't as sweet. I hate when they are too sweet. With 1 week to go I am sure I will not want to drink another protein shake for the rest of my life. But then, there is post-op...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pre-Op Day 1

My surgery day is scheduled for August 12th. Today starts my lovely pre-op diet of full liquids. It seems that every doctor prescribes a different diet and since my doctor is German it seems everything he does is different...hopefully in a good way :) I have had 2 protein shakes, some drinkable yogurt, and some pureed soup. He really didn't specify what to drink, he just said "Anything you can drink." I don't think I am going to go that far because technically you can drink ice cream but I want to lose some weight with this pre-op diet so I will stick to the protein shakes. And guess what...I am hungry!!! Hopefully this gets easier because I don't know how I am going to make it another 10 days!

I am getting really anxious about surgery. I am more nervous about leaving my son for a few days. His dad will be taking care of him but I am still worried. I usually make all of my sons meals so I hope my husband can do it right. Why can't I trust that my husband can make food for a 1 year old?

Another part of me is feeling like something will happen and I will not be able to get the surgery. I guess I am still in disbelief that this surgery could very well be the end to my weight struggles that I have had all of my life. It is still very hard to grasp that this time next year I will not be overweight.

On to pre-op diet day 2...

Monday, July 19, 2010


This is me and my son Hayden from last October. I am the same weight now...some how I managed to stay the same weight since I had him a year ago. Hayden is the light of my life. He turned 1 on the 16th and I love him more and more every day. I am definately getting this band for myself and so I can look at myself with more than disgust. I am also doing this for him. I don't want to be that mom who is fat and all of the kids say mean and hurtful things to my son because of me. I don't think I could ever let that happen. I also want to have more children and I am not at a healthy weight right now for that to happen. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant and I hated the way it made me feel, not to mention the risk I put on the baby.

Consultation Day!

Today I had my first appointment with Dr. Weiner. I have to drive an hour away to see him which isn't too bad. I know he is really good and has performed over 2000 procedures since 1994 so I think the drive is definately worth it. He said he has hundreds of patients in my area which makes me think, where are they and I want to meet them?!

Anyway, now to the good part. After a 1 1/2 hour wait in the waiting room I saw him and we went over everything. He tried to talk me into RNY because my BMI is 47 and my response was...Uh, no! Well maybe not that rude but I wanted to. :P The best news is that I scheduled my sergery for August 12th! I have to go in for testing the day before and I think I have to stay a few nights. Things are very different over here as opposed to the US.

Now for the not so good news...I have gall stones and I have to have my gall bladder removed! What the hell! It was funny because he used an ultrasound machine to check my gall blader and he said "I am sorry, you have gall stones" in a very low, somber voice, and I was like, "I do!" I was so loud they could probably hear me in the waiting room. Ha ha...so American of me!

I am 2 weeks away from my 10 day liquid diet. Bleck! He said I can have anything as long as it is liquid. I think I will just do slimfast. What is everyone's thoughts on the Isopure drinks?

Thanks for reading! Until next time.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why I'm Fat

I really have no clue. I remember asking my my mom what age I was when I started to get fat. I guess it started when I was around 4. So I have been fat practically my entire life. I am not sure what the cause is. Both of my parents are overweight so maybe it is genetics. I was not abused or anything like that, I actually had a really good childhood. It always frustrated me because I could never think of a reason for me being overweight. Dr Phil says there has to be a reason. Why can't I come up with one?

My lowest adult weight is 185 which is still considered obese because I am a shorty at 5'1". I was about 19 when I was at this weight so I was kind of an adult. Since then I have yo-yoed. When I met my husband in 2005 I was 225 and I had just successfully lost 25 pounds. I continued to lose and I got down to 200. No matter what I did (or so it seemed) I could not get under 200. Over the years it has crept up on me and now I have gained all of the weight I lost plus an extra 10 pounds. 260 is a lot of weight on a 5'2" frame. Every time I get up from sitting my feet and ankles ache. I feel like an old lady.

Well, more to come shortly!

Chronic Quitter

It seems that everything I start, I never finish. It could be high expectations, a fear of failure, or just plain laziness. Maybe it is all three.

One thing that I hope to continue with is my journey with the Lap Band. My journey started in January when I visited my doctor to get a referral for the surgery. I have Tricare and I live overseas in Germany. Tricare doesn't require a bunch of hoops to jump through in order to get approval. All I had to do was visit my doc, get a nutrition eval, and get a psych eval. I completed all of this earlier this year but I was just now able to get the paper submitted for the referral. Why you ask...second thoughts, laziness, fear. All of the above.

Man this has turned in to a depressing post! How about something to liven things up. My name is Jennifer and I am a stay at home mom to my amazing son Hayden who is going to be turning 1 July 16th. I am also a wife to my awesome husband Matt who is a member of the US Air Force. We will be married for 2 years on July 5th. I am turning 29 on July 24th. July is a busy month at my house! To be continued...