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Monday, October 4, 2010

Bodybugg, where have you been all my life!

Seriously, this thing is so simple yet so awesome. Everyone that is trying to lose weight should invest in a bodybugg. I was lucky enough to get one used from a local lady not quite a week ago and I have already lost 2 lbs. I say it is so simple because it is just simple math. Calories in vs. calories out. I am aiming for 3 lbs lost a week so I make sure to get my burn of 2800 calories a day and take in 1300 calories.

I am now down 25 lbs which means I have 100lbs to go to my first goal. It sounds like a lot but I am trying not to get overwhelmed. I am doing baby steps. My next baby step is to be down to 225 by the end of the month. I think that is doable.

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Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

I have heard that the Body Bug is awesome! Glad you got one and congrats on the weight loss so far!

Darlin1 said...

Bodybugg???What is it?