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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Man, I should really start posting more often!

Things have been going good with my fill. I could probably use another one but I am not sweating it. I am still losing and that's all that matters. I eat about 1500 calories a day and exercise between 30 and 60 minutes. I have been getting pretty hungry after dinner; usually around 11pm. I guess I should just go to bed a little earlier.

My son woke me up at 3am and my tummy was growling! Speaking of my son; he is 14 months old and still wakes up several times at night. Sigh. I have been putting him in bed with me because I am tired and I want to go back to sleep. The only problem with this is that I get woken up 2 hours later with toddler feet kicking me in the face, little hands pulling my hair, and poking me in the eye. Or, I wake up to him squealing with laughter because he pulled his socks off and it is 3am which means PLAY TIME! Oh how I long for a solid 8 hours.

Why, oh why did I buy skinny cow ice cream sandwiches and Edy's popsicles? And why did I eat 3 of said ice cream sandwiches in one day? What is funny is that the next day I managed to drop 2 lbs. Funny how that works.

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Teale said...

Hi Jennifer! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I haven't ever considered WLS, because for me personally, I feel like 90% of my battle is mental... and if I don't fix that part, even if I had WLS I would still struggle, because of what food represents to me I guess... it's how I cope with emotions--happy, sad, etc. I'm glad to hear that you're having success with it, and I've had other friends say the same things, but until I personally would be there mentally, I don't think I would benefit as well as others may.