Let the Journey Begin

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fill me up!

Friday finally came and I had my fill under x-ray. It was quite a weird experience. He filled my band all of the way at first and man was that uncomfortable. He then removed some of the fill and all was good. I have 4cc in my band and I am feeling pretty good. I can still eat normally, just a little bit slower and I make sure to chew really good of course. I don't think I would want to me much tighter. I would not want it to take me forever to eat a meal or be so restricted that I can't eat certain foods. My next appointment is in 2 months.

What is really great is that since Friday I have lost 2.5 lbs. I have started walking in the mornings with my son in the stroller and my dog on a leash. We have been walking 5000 steps. I also had my husband bring my elliptical down from the 3rd floor so I can use it more easily. Seeing the scale drop this weekend has given me so much motivation!

FYI...you know you weigh yourself too much when your 14 month old scoots himself over to the scale and puts his feet on it. He is a riot!


-Grace- said...

Great job on the loss and the walking!!! That's awesome :)

Amanda M. said...

Fills are a pretty weird experience. Your band may "loosen" up a bit and feel as though you don't have any fluid in it at all. I wasn't even hungry after the first fill.

Good job on the walking!