Let the Journey Begin

Friday, August 27, 2010


My husband called me wolverine last night. I showed him my incisions on my abdomen and they are healing quite nicely if I do say so myself. I am feeling damn good. I can sleep on my stomach, carry my son around everywhere, and clean house. Well, I can clean house, but I don't wanna.

Yesterday I took my son downtown to the Walk Platz (outdoor shopping). We met a friend, walked around for a bit, and did some shopping. It felt good to get out except the humidity was 900% and I was sweating Like a freakin pig. It doesn't help that the stores don't have air conditioning so it is actually cooler outside. I wore a maxi dress (big mistake, think thighs rubbing together enough to make fire) that my mom sent me from the states and I thought I was looking pretty good. I would have taken a picture but my husband was still at work and I tore that dress off as soon as I got home.

So I made the executive decision to go from full liquids to mushies at 2 weeks. My doctor wanted me on a full liquid diet for 4 weeks. Well, I have since progressed to solid food. Actually, I never really did "mushies". What I do is liquids until 5pm (protein shake, soup, and yogurt) and then I eat dinner. This is really working out for me. I am eating roughly 1200 calories a day and I am staying full. I have not had any problems, infact, I think it jump started my weightloss.

I tried to take my son and dog for a walk today but as soon as we made it down the street it started to sprinkle. I turned around to go home and as soon as we made it into the house it stopped! The weather here is so unpredictable. I will try again tomorrow.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My body is confused...

Or my scale lied to me last week.

Last Monday I logged a 3 lb weight loss. I was so flabergasted that I didn't even think that that was crazy and I should probably check again to make sure it was accurate. I promptly updated my ticker and told my husband because I was so excited. Well, the next day I was back up those 3 lbs plus another .5 lb. I was like WTF! Over the last week I have slowely lost 2 of those lbs and I hope to be down to 247 by tomorrow. I do weigh myself everyday but I am going to make Monday my official weigh in day.

My doctor is crazy if he thinks I am going to continue on this liquid diet until September 10th. I have made the executive decision to progress to mushies on Thursday which will be 2 weeks since surgery. As crazy as it sounds, I do not want to lose more than 9 lbs between my surgery date and my next appointment on September 10th. My reason you ask? My doctor will not give me a fill if I have lost too much weight. I have a feeling that if I do not get a fill I will be at a standstill until my next appointment in October.

Speaking of fills, my doctor does fluro fills with a barium swallow and he gets you to restriction at your first fill. He says he likes to only do one fill and that some of his patients never need one. I don't think I will be one of those people. At the moment I can chug water and soup.

I have a sneaking suspision that my dad is interested in the Lap-Band. He emailed me the other day asking how things were going and he wanted to know how I was eating. I would love for my dad to check into it. He is my height at 5'2" (my dad is a shorty) and he has sleep apnea but refuses to get checked for it.

I get my staples out tomorrow! I am excited because they itch so bad!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One Week Post-op

I am feeling pretty good today. I still get some pain where my port is if I move around too much. I go on Monday to get my staples removed, that should be fun. Yeah right!

I am starting to feeling the effects of the band. I was eating some sherbert tonight and I had to stop suddenly because I was getting a weird sensation in my tummy. I still felt hungry but I felt like I couldn't take another bite. Then I started to get pain across my back. I guess this is what stuffed feels like? All of these new sensations in my tummy are so foreign. My stomach growls so loud now. I am sure everyone around would know I was hungry if I was out in public!

The scale still reads the same. I have been having a hard time getting enough water in because of having to wait to drink after I eat.

I have my first meal out tomorrow and I am nervous! I am going out to lunch with a friend that does not know about my band. Thank goodness the restaurant we are going to has soup!

Monday, August 16, 2010


I am sorry I am just now getting to my post-op post but I have been in quite a bit of pain since surgery. I was not prescribed any pain killers so I have just been winging it since I was discharged. I am starting to feel good today except for this nagging pain where my port is. Luckily I am feeling better because tomorrow my husband goes back to work and I am on my own!

So, I was admitted on Wednesday morning where they took some blood, and went ahead and put in a catheter (is that what it is called?) in my hand. I had an interview with one of the doctors and then with one of the anestesioligists. I then had to have an Endoscopy. I guess this is why I had to stay overnight because they knocked me out for this procedure. Boy, did they knock me out! When I woke up I didn't know what floor I was on in the hospital or my room! I had to ask my roommate where I was!

The next morning was my surgery. I think my doctor had like 5 surgeries that day so he is very busy! Luckily I was the first one in at 8:45 and I was back in my room by 11. My roommate had gastric bypass and she had to stay in the ICU overnight. I guess that is protocal. She also did not get discharged until 5 days later! I was discharged Saturday morning, not a moment too soon! I was so ready to come home.

I have been eatting pureed soup, protein shakes, yogurt, and orange sherbert. My body must have needed that sherbert last night because this morning I had dropped another 2.5 lbs! I am now down 13 pounds since the start of my pre-op diet. I am trying to get atleast 1000 calories a day so my body doesn't think it is starving.

My next appointment is in 1 month but I will probably not be getting a fill. My doctor does fills differently here. I will explain that in more detail in a future post.

Monday, August 9, 2010

2 More Days!

I can't beleive I only have 2 more days until I am admitted into the hospital! I don't think it has quite sunk in yet because I have so much to do and I have not even thought about trying to get it done.

I am not doing the best that I can do on my pre-op diet. I have not been drinking enough water so I have only lost 7 lbs. I guess that is pretty good for a weeks work though :) I don't think I would have lost 7 lbs in one week with regular dieting. I hope I can make it to 10 lbs lost by my surgery.

My son has been SUPER cranky this morning. I am about to pull my hair out! He is napping now so hopefully he will sleep for a while and wake up a ray of sunshine. I am not holding my breath though. We are meeting a friend at the zoo this afternoon. I just met her in January but she has turned into a really great friend. I am not telling her about the band though, and she likes to go out to lunch a lot so I am going to have to get really creative next week when I am on liquids. My surgery is Thursday and we usually go to a playgroup on Thursday and then have lunch after. I already have my excuse for not going to the playgroup all lined up, hehe.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New purchases!

I am a shopaholic and my husband is a tight ass. Somehow we make it work. Lol! I really fear how our bank account will take me being thin. I have managed to buy a lot of clothes while I have been fat. I can only imagine how much I will lust after when I am thin. Everything will fit! And don't even get me started on shoes! I have a wide foot so a lot of shoes that are TO DIE FOR are too narrow for my foot. I am thinking my treat for when I get to goal will have to be a pair Christian Louboutin shoes. I wonder how my hubby will take the news?

I did make some purchases today but they are band related. I bought 2 Blender Bottles and some Click Protein Drink in Mocha flavor. Thanks for the recommendation Kelly! I am also in the market for a good blender and an immersion blender. I figure I can get them used. Military folks are always selling used German appliances.

I can't believe I will be having surgery in 1 week! Time has really flown by. It is so weird how the German medical system is so different from the US. My hospital stay is supposed to be 4-5 days (this includes 1 day for pre-op testing). Most people in the states don't even stay for 24 hours! I already asked if I could leave the day after surgery and they said it was up to me. I don't know about you, but I would much rather be in my comfortable bed at home than be in a hospital bed.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The pre-op diet is getting a little easier for me...well, until today. I went to the BX on base to get a few things and there is a food court with the typical mall food, aka junk. I was not even tempted at first, I even fed my son at one of the tables and then went on about my business. After I was done shoping around I had to walk through the food court to get to the parking lot and thats where it started. The smell of fried fish from Captain D's hit my nose and I was on my to the line to order. I got my food and I sat down to eat and you know what, it wasn't very good. I only ate half of it and threw the rest away.

I am now drinking a yummy protein shake (insert sarcasm here). Actually, it isn't half bad. I mix it with organic soy milk so it isn't as sweet. I hate when they are too sweet. With 1 week to go I am sure I will not want to drink another protein shake for the rest of my life. But then, there is post-op...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pre-Op Day 1

My surgery day is scheduled for August 12th. Today starts my lovely pre-op diet of full liquids. It seems that every doctor prescribes a different diet and since my doctor is German it seems everything he does is different...hopefully in a good way :) I have had 2 protein shakes, some drinkable yogurt, and some pureed soup. He really didn't specify what to drink, he just said "Anything you can drink." I don't think I am going to go that far because technically you can drink ice cream but I want to lose some weight with this pre-op diet so I will stick to the protein shakes. And guess what...I am hungry!!! Hopefully this gets easier because I don't know how I am going to make it another 10 days!

I am getting really anxious about surgery. I am more nervous about leaving my son for a few days. His dad will be taking care of him but I am still worried. I usually make all of my sons meals so I hope my husband can do it right. Why can't I trust that my husband can make food for a 1 year old?

Another part of me is feeling like something will happen and I will not be able to get the surgery. I guess I am still in disbelief that this surgery could very well be the end to my weight struggles that I have had all of my life. It is still very hard to grasp that this time next year I will not be overweight.

On to pre-op diet day 2...